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Notta thing real about it! just a test for us to play around with.

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Twiddling My Thumbs

I find it difficult
To enjoy free time
I know I should know better
To do better
Work wise, play hard
I find it difficult to talk
Without numbers and facts
I don’t always act like
I’m stressed out,
But free time pushes me over
Over time

Just twiddling my thumbs
Working for the man! Man
But don’t you see
That man is me.
So rinse and repeat this cycle
Til its worn a hole through the groves and trenches i walk through.
Hopefully I’ll fall right on by
To begin anew on the Otherside.
A vagabond
O come on.

Author: David T. Carratola

Author Notes: These are some song lyrics I wrote awhile back!

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